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The punching machines are used to drill and shape plates of different materials. They Usually use a punch and a press-like matrix for that purpose. These can be simpler, such as those that require an operator constantly present for use, or more complex, such as the call CNC punching or automatic loading.

In Vanto Machines You will find a large selection of second hand punching machines (used punching machines-the most high quality punching machines). Vanto Machines offers unique machinery and exclusively Premium quality machines, this being one of our main strengths. We work with the most powerful brands in the plastic industry, and personally check all the machines we sell to guarantee that they will meet the 100% with the expectations of the customer. As we have already mentioned, the punching machines are used to drill different materials using a punch and a matrix.

There Are different types of punching machines, so always take into account the work we need to do in order to specify its typology. Although The punching machines generally work from sheet metal formats, there are also some coils. Working from the bobbin is recommended for very bulky production series, and whenever the same material is used and the width of the bobbin coincides with that of the workpiece.

Another element that needs to be taken into account when choosing punching machines is the cutting tolerance. Cutting tolerance is a very important factor when it comes to doing a job with this type of machinery. If you want to do a work on a sheet, the punch of the punches must be the same thickness, while the matrix should be a little larger. And The cutting tolerance is precisely this difference in size between the size of the punch and that of the Matrix.

If you find among our wide selection of second-hand punching machines a machine that convinces you, you will also want to know that from Vanto Machines we offer you services and advantages that you will only find here. The main one, our complete turnkey service: From the moment you buy your machine until you receive it, we will take care of the whole logistic process, including the review and verification of the machine, its dismantling, transport and assembly once Installed on your site and testing and adjustments according to the agreed specifications. All This process is also always reviewed by our technicians, specialists who will personally ensure the correct operation of the punching machines.

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