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The panel benders are machines used in sheet metal folding automatically and without the need for operators to intervene. You can Usually fold the materials in the two directions and have an automatic changer that greatly facilitates the task. The bends you make can be 2 to 4 m long, with a maximum thickness of up to 3 mm. However, there are manual panel benders machines that can achieve superior lengths and thicknesses.

In Vanto Machines You will find a great selection of panel benders Machines of 2nd hand (used panel benders machines-machines panel Benders of occasion) of high quality. Vanto Machines offers unique machinery and exclusively Premium quality machines, this being one of our main strengths. We work with the most powerful brands in the sector, and personally check all the machines we sell to guarantee that they will meet the 100% with the customer's expectations. Panel benders machines can be automatic and are manufactured with components that do not require maintenance.

Its High-quality technology makes it possible to manufacture high volumes of sheet metal parts with precision, efficiency and high performance. With time it has been perfected incorporating genuine designs, allowing a great flexibility. This means that it allows you to fold a wide variety of pieces with great ease, both basic and complex, and from rectangular to trapezoidal shapes. The deformation produced by the panel benders Machines is due to the oscillations of the blade while the tread locks the plate during work. The panelling of the sheet metal is made by means of the exercise of a lateral force by means of a movable knife in order to deform the panel until reaching the desired shape.

Panel benders machines differ from bending presses by exerting a lateral and non-central force, as in the case of pressure bending. The Panel is the derivative of the metal sheet that is obtained through this process. The Panel has a paralelepipédica shape with a rectangular base and a very low height compared to the base. The panels are widely used in the field of thermal and acoustic coatings and in the roofing sector. The panels, depending on their final use, can normally be aluminum, steel, zinc or copper. Panel benders machines are automatic machines that allow to carry out large volumes of panels in very short times.

If you find among our wide selection of panel benders a machine that convinces you, you will also want to know that from Vanto Machines we offer services and advantages that you will only find here. The main one, our complete turnkey service: From the moment you buy your machine until you receive it, we will take care of the whole logistic process, including the review and verification of the machine, its dismantling, transport and assembly once Installed on your site and testing and adjustments according to the agreed specifications. All this process, in addition, is always reviewed by our technicians, specialists who will personally ensure the correct operation of panel benders machines.

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