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The punching machines are used to drill and shape plates of different materials. They Usually use a punch and a press-like matrix for that purpose. These can be simpler, such as those that require an operator constantly present for use, or more complex, such as the call CNC punching or automatic loading.

In Vanto Machines You will find a large selection of second hand punching machines (used punching machines-the most high quality punching machines). Vanto Machines offers unique machinery and exclusively Premium quality machines, this being one of our main strengths. We work with the most powerful brands in the plastic industry, and personally check all the machines we sell to guarantee that they will meet the 100% with the expectations of the customer. As we have already mentioned, the punching machines are used to drill different materials using a punch and a matrix.

There Are different types of punching machines, so always take into account the work we need to do in order to specify its typology. Although The punching machines generally work from sheet metal formats, there are also some coils. Working from the bobbin is recommended for very bulky production series, and whenever the same material is used and the width of the bobbin coincides with that of the workpiece.

Laser cutting Machines are machines that can be cut or etched with the help of a control knob. The Laser, released to a very high power, is concentrated on a fragile surface in order to cut or record it. In Vanto Machines You will find a wide selection of laser cutting machines of 2nd hand of Premium quality (laser cutting machines used-laser cutting machines of occasion), being this one of our main signs of identity.

We work with the most powerful brands in the sector: Trumpf, Finn Power, Amada, Salvagnini, among others and thanks to our exhaustive verification process we can assure you that all the machines will meet the 100% with your expectations and production needs. The Laser cutting technique is specially used to cut sheet metal parts. Its main asset, of course, is the laser that concentrates light on the work surface. Among The main advantages of this type of manufacture of parts we find the fact that it is not necessary to have cutting matrices, as well as the possibility of making silhouette adjustments.

Also Mention that the drive is robotized, in order to keep constantly the distance between the electrode and the outside surface of the workpiece. The first laser cutting machines were created in the year 1965. It was created by the Western Electric Engineering Research Center to drill holes in diamond dies. In the Decade of 1970, this technology was used to cut titanium in aerospace applications. At The same time, CO2 lasers were adapted to cut non-metallic elements, such as textiles, as they were absorbed by metals. There Are many industries that have decided to incorporate laser cutting machines into their production processes.

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