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300t injection molding machine

Category 250 to 499t Injection moulding machines
Condition Semi-new
Year 2011
Availability Sold
ID 4007

It Includes:
- High Speed Robot TRACER (2011)
- Set of 2 x PLASTIC SYSTEM (year 2011) Hoppers + Deshumidifier + Heaters: capacity 500 KG.
- GREEN BOX - FX 11/90-EC-SSS 6 kW (year 2010) Cooling equipment
- GREEN BOX modelo TB-H / 9/2 OH / HP (year 2010) 250 ºC / 480 ºF Heaters oil regulators
- 15 KW Grinder (year 2010)
Working hours: ONLY 938 HOURS!!
Maintenance PRO ACT level 2 up to July 2012

Clamping force3000 kN
Core pulls2
Daylight between platens max1.375 mm
Distance between tie-bars h780 mm
Distance between tie-bars v780 mm
Ejector force73 kN
Injection pressure2.570 bar
Injection rate1.329 cm³/s
Injection volume398 cm³
Mould height max0 mm
Operating hours938
Platen size h1.080 mm
Platen size v1.080 mm
Screw diameter45 mm
Screw L/D ratio25
Weight8.000 + 6.000 kg

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