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Line for the manufacture of detergent / soap

Category Complete Plants
Condition Used
Year 2002
Availability Available
ID 4546
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This manufacturing line consists of the following machines:

- 20.000 liters capacity reactor (item no. 1)
- 5.000 liters capacity reactor (item no. 2)
- Spray dryer (item no. 3)
- Additives Mixer. 600 litres. With weight sensors (item no. 4)
- Basic soap, additives and colour and perfums injectors Mixer. 2000 litres (item no. 5)
- SIGMA Linear multi-blades mixer with speed variator and weight sensors (item no. 6)
- Special vacuum pumps for the transfer of basic ph (item no. 7)
- Special vacuum pumps for the high density liquid (item no. 8)
- Silos with capacity of 15 m3, with weight sensors (item no. 9)
- Sleeves filter (item no. 10)
- Blade mill (item no. 11)
- Steam boiler. Production capacity: 1100 steam kg / hour (item no. 12)
- Air compressor, screw system for the production onf 6000 liters/ minute (item no. 13)
- Automatic Powder filling line, different sizes. (item no. 14)
- Stand base bags former system (item no. 15)
- The entire transport system is performed based on screw conveyors (inox) (item no. 16)
- Volumetric system packing machine (item no. 17)
- High pressure steam boiler for colour and perfums (item no. 18)
- Plant installation pipes (item no. 19)

All the machines reflected here are in perfect condition. The building material is inox.

After the final purchase of machinery, the seller will provide:

*All the technical expertise (Know How) to produce products that the buyer can produce.

*Detailed list of raw materials will be provided for all new products that buyer pretend to manufacture.

*Raw Material Supplier list will be provided

There are no technical characteristics available

There are no available documents

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